Will you marry me?

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Wedding proposal, a day to remember

One of the most exciting days in the life of a bride to be is the moment she hears the: “Will you marry me?”

Maybe marriage has been in the cards for a long time and it comes with no surprise, maybe it has even been discussed and you, as the soon groom to be, aren’t even thinking of a grand act. However if you’re reading this it is very likely that you want to surprise the woman of your dreams and make it an occasion to remember and one that she’ll be sharing with pride for many years to come!

I’m not here to suggest how to do it because how to really surprise your girlfriend is something only you will know how to do.

You can stick with the classic fancy dinner that finishes with a knee on the floor while popping the question. Maybe you want to go full on and organise a flash mob before proposing. Or as I once heard you can hire a knight outfit (the really heavy ones) and be literally her knight in a shining armour.

Whatever way you do it there’s one thing that you shouldn’t forget! I’m serious. Proposing without a ring is a big no no!

I understand you may be concerned about spending a small fortune on the engagement ring and risking her not liking it, after all it should be a ring to last a lifetime so it’s important you get it right. It may be that she rarely wears rings so you struggle to know what she would like, or maybe she’s really picky, or maybe she has an idea of her dream ring that she never revealed to anyone.

Whatever it may be I have a suggestion for you. Get her a proposal ring! A what? I hear you asking. Yes a proposal ring, one that is much more affordable, but shows her that everything was thought through! One that she will love and that will not only allow you to pop the question and put a ring in her finger as soon as she says yes but will also be a memento that she will cherish forever. On the plus side it will also remove the pressure of buying the engagement ring in a hurry giving you (ok, let’s be honest, giving her) the chance to shop around getting her dream engagement ring while at the same time showing off a gorgeously stunning proposal ring.

There are plenty of options for the ring you can buy for the proposal but all of them will be as unique and special as she is.

Signature Ring

If your girlfriend is an avid reader you can choose her favourite book or poem, or instead with the lyrics and music of her favourite song if she can’t live without music. If you’re going to propose with a speech and have that written down already the ring can even be made with the proposal speech. If you want to keep it simple and she has a favourite colour, or a few, it can also be made with them. Either way it will be a piece of jewellery that she will cherish and will always remind her of the moment you’ve proposed.

Flower ring

If you have a different idea in mind just drop me a line at cathy@theorigamiboutique.com and I’ll do my best to get your dream woman the dream proposal ring she didn’t even know she wanted!

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