Turquoise & Metallic Zig-Zag Crane Origami Stud Earrings



The crane – or tsuru as it’s called in Japanese– is one of the most folded origami shapes as it is seen as a symbol of peace, hapiness and good luck. Cranes are often gifted to new borns due to their good fortune and long life as in Japanese foklore cranes are believed to live one thousand years. Cranes are also common as a wedding gift because cranes mate for life and are therefore a symbol of loyalty.

These impressive earrings feature tiny, delicate folds that give the crane a lovely organic look and make for a perfect gift full of meaning. The cranes are folded from traditional Japanese Washi paper with beautiful colours and patterns.

The paper crane measures approximately 2cm (1.1”) wide and 2.5cm (0.3”) high and are attached to nickel free stud earrings.

Available in a selection of colours, however if you don’t find the one you want just drop me a line and I’ll have them made for you.

As with all the paper jewellery a protective water resistant finish is added to ensure durability, although it is recommended to avoid using these earrings in extreme wet conditions, such as in the shower for instance.

Each crane is carefully folded to order in my own studio. Variations in the pattern will happen making your pair completely unique as no two items will look exactly the same

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