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Posted by in on Oct 02, 2013 .

Yesterday has a big day!! Why?

Well if you're a follower either on twitter or on facebook or even if you receive the newsletter you may be aware that The Origami Boutique gorgeous products were going to be available at Things British in their flagship store at St. Pancras Station!

There where a few step backs delaying the original opening date but I'm thrilled to announce that it's now OPEN!!

If you live in or around London and your commute involves going anywhere near Kings Cross/St Pancras Station, stop for 5 minutes, go upstairs to the Grand Terrace, it's a listed building so it's really worth visiting anyway, look to your...

Hello, hello!

Thank you for coming to this amazing blog launch event! You'll get to know more about The Origami Boutique and you may even win this bespoke signature brooch. Sounds appealing? Keep on reading!


My name is Cathy and I'm the artist behind The Origami Boutique. Here you'll find unusual origami jewellery but let's rewind to the beginning. It all started when as a kid I was taught to fold simple models. Do you remember, as I do, playing with the never ending entertainment of a fortune teller?


As I grew older the initial fascination was replaced by different teenage likes and I virtually stopped folding. However...