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Posted by in on Feb 13, 2014 .

Today I'll be showing you how to create a cute origami card perfect for Valentine's day.

If you left it too late to buy, or you simply prefer to give something more personalised, then your solution is here. 

To make this card you don't need to know anything about origami. I'll be showing you an easy and straightforward step by step tutorial.




Sheet of paper


Scissors or cutting knife






- First of all you need a blank card. If you don't have one just grab a thick sheet of paper in any colour you like, cut it into a 13.5 by 27cm piece and fold it in...

Posted by in on Jan 30, 2014 .

With January coming to an end, Valentine's day is fast approaching. So I wonder, do you celebrate it? Or do you think it's just one of those dates created by a consumerist society and you actually refuse to take part in it?

First things first... do you even know how St. Valentine's day started?

I did some research to give you the answer and although the day is still surrounded by some mystery here are some facts.

 Since the beginning of time, February has been associated with romance and the modern Valentine's day contains Pagan, Ancient Roman and Christian traditions.

Some say that the patron is Valentine, a priest killed by...

Posted by in on Jan 16, 2014 .

This is one of the main issues people have when they hear about Origami jewellery. After all it's "just" paper so how can it last? The reality is that the jewellery pieces I make are not just paper.

I dedicate a lot of time, which I do with immense pleasure I must add, to make sure that every piece is perfectly folded. Sometimes little drops of glue are added while making them to guarantee that the final design looks clean and neat. After all I wouldn't wear a damaged piece of jewellery so I don't expect you to either.

After that first folding process I varnish every single paper jewellery piece. For most pieces I coat them twice...

Posted by in on Jan 02, 2014 .

When it comes to the end of December it's always time to look back and check the balance of the year that is just finishing. So how did 2013 treat you? Did you accomplish all your goals? Was it a year of unexpected surprises that made it be a great one? Or was it a year of incredible challenges that made you grow and grow stronger in a blink of an eye?

For me 2013 was a great year, I got to share the big day of at least 3 couples, I traveled all the way to California, I saw one of my best friends become a mum, was told by two very close friends that I have weddings to attend in 2014 and most of all I was lucky to be able to...

Posted by in on Nov 01, 2013 .

November is time for Remembrance Day and this year you can win a sofisticated Poppy Brooch from The Origami Boutique.

Let me tell you how I decided to create a modern version of this Remembrance Day classic piece.

Last year, while sat on the tube a lady in front of me was wearing Poppy Brooch diferent from the typical fragile paper one that we all get at some point. Looking at it I suddendly thought that like this person in front of me I would rather wear something a bit different and more long lasting. As quickly as that thought came to my mind I started imagining how could I do it. By the time I got home, with an idea developped,...

Posted by in on Oct 05, 2013 .

As you may have seen, two days ago I said I was going back to The Dandy Lion Market in Kentish Town. I did so, and will return in the future.

The venue is the lovely "The Oxford" just outside Kentish Town tube station. It's a really nice pub with a vibrant atmosphere and good food (I had a burger for lunch, yummy!). The market itself starts on the ground level with a couple of stalls to "open the appetite" to visitors and continues upstairs with the whole floor full of a fantastic selection of traders. Leslie the organizer goes above and beyond to make sure that both visitors and traders have a great experience.

This time I was very...

Posted by in on Oct 04, 2013 .

Do you sometimes feel a bit lost?

Not sure about what to wear and uncertain about what the latest trends are?

Today I'm here to help you! I've compiled a sellection of items to match one of the hot trends this Autumn! Which one may you ask? BLUES

Blue is a beautiful colour and there's so much you can do with it, you can wear it with virtually any other colour and it suits most people, so win win situation!


Get the look here:

A. Karen Millen Buckle Coat at Asos
B. Geo Floral Jumper by Vero Moda at Oliver Bonas
C. Blue Brooch by The Origami Boutique
D. Blue Leaf Earrings by The Origami Boutique
E. Classic...

Posted by in on Oct 03, 2013 .

Big plans for the weekend?

Are you in London? The Origami Boutique is going back to The Dandy Lion Market at The Oxford in Kentish town for their Harvest themed event!

If you've never came before is really worth visiting. It's full of quirky stalls with jewellery, prints, vintage clothes and even those perfect objects to decorate your place!

It is on every 1st Saturday of the month (except August) on the pubs first floor.

I have been preparing all week and am really excited to be back after my debut back in July. I have plenty of flower rings that have been very requested lately. Do you like them? It's the perfect item to keep...