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Let me tell you a secret. I’m completely terrified of bees, or anything similar to that matter. I’m known for very suddenly throwing pieces of food flying into the air because one of them is too close to me or has actually landed on my hand. Usually such movement is also accompanied by a scream (sometimes more of a squeak) making it fairly amusing to those around. Now, why am I telling you this?

Imagine you’re like me, yes... I know I’m not the only one! Now imagine that it’s your wedding day and instead of food what you have in your hand is a flower bouquet. See where I’m going? If I was in that situation I’m sure...

Posted by in on May 22, 2014 .

A few months ago a mum who knew I do origami for a living told me that she was hopeless with crafts and to the despair of her kids she couldn't even get a paper plane to fly. At the time I promised that I would create a tutorial for her, so easy to follow that she would become (even more) a superhero in her kids eyes.

I immediately put it on my calendar as something I wanted to do close to the international children's day celebrated on the 1st of June (not to be confused with the Universal children's day celebrated on the 20th of November). You see, I remember as a kid the first of June was always a day we looked forward to. It was...

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Do you have all the plans set for your wedding day? My guess is that if you're reading this article you don't.  After that initial excitement of the engagement, announcing to all your friends and family  that finally you're tying the knot the first thing you should do is set your budget. It can be £1k, £20k or even £300k, you can have a wonderful wedding with whatever amount you choose but do it as it's one of the most important decisions you'll make. It will affect all your choices and will help you avoid disappointments. 

The second thing I would recommend is for you to visit some wedding fairs.  This will help you gather ideas...

Posted by in on Apr 24, 2014 .

Over Easter weekend I got to enjoy the good weather in a short trip to Oxford and on a very pleasant stroll by Regent's Canal in  London. What can I say? I'm so happy that finally the days are longer, the sun is shining (even if just on and off), and the winter jacket has definitely been put away.

It's so much easier to get inspired in these conditions and I've been busy developing new products that I believe will love. One of the big trends for the spring collection is pastels so if you're a fan, have a look at these pieces that really caught my eye.

1. Summer Lilli Embellished Jacket by French Connection     2. Pastel Gingham...

For the last few weeks all my focus has been on A Most Curious Wedding Fair and all the setup needed for the event. Everything and anything from new flower types, the best colour combinations, how to create a crazy origami dress to those (not so little) important details of marketing and branding. It all had to be close to perfection, at least in my mind, when doors opened on Friday. Best of all, for me they were!

Unfortunately all of this hard work meant that the origami jewellery was slightly neglected, although all of that has changed this week while I'm developing these...

The Origami Boutique work in progress origami silver...

Posted by in on Mar 27, 2014 .

With Mother's Day this Sunday you are probably looking for something special to show her how important she is in your life. After all what would be of us without a mum? Nothing right?

This project is simple enough to be done in a pinch but is guaranteed to impress your mum!

Mothers love flowers so you'll be doing an origami tulip for her. Best of all you have a few options. Go for the most gorgeous paper you can find for a WOW effect. Japanese Washi paper is a good choice with beautiful patterns. Alternatively choose a sheet of coloured paper for a simple but elegant look. Last but not least you can just use white paper and decorate...

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With Mother's Day at the end of the month now is the right time to think about how to surprise her. Even if you don't have the time to spend the day with your mum she will always appreciate a token of your love. I know mine does even though I haven't spend a Mother's Day with her for over 10 years (shame on me I know).


We all know that flowers are probably one of the most common gifts on this day, however this year why not upgrade that gift for something more unique and special?


Instead of real flowers that only last a few days why not go for flowers that last as long as your love for her?
Yes, I'm talking about origami...

Posted by in on Feb 27, 2014 .

I'm so excited to be sharing this news with you.


On April the 4th and 5th you'll be able to find me at Hackney Downs Studios for "A Most Curious Wedding Fair".


I'm over the moon with this opportunity because... drum rolls.... I've been selected as a finalist of " bridalNEXT!" under the accessories category.


Since I've heard this great news I've been working like crazy to make sure that I live up to the challenge and *fingers crossed* get the title of "Most Curious One to Watch" as my work will be judged by wedding experts including Kat Williams from RocknRoll Bride! How awesome is that?


As part of this...