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Posted by in on Sep 25, 2014 .

Last month while I was enjoying the nice weather in Portugal I received an email that I just couldn't ignore, I was being invited to collaborate with Rock and Roll Bride and Crown and Glory as they needed a few bouquets and a backdrop to use in the photo shoot  for the launch of their latest collection called "The Bridesmaid Collection". As you can easily imagine this is the kind of opportunity I was willing to interrupt my holidays for ;)

So after a few emails discussing what was needed, the right colours and shapes and guaranteeing that I would have enough time to do it all after I was back in London I jump into it.

For the...

Posted by in on Sep 11, 2014 .

Today I decided to write a more personal blog post... so here are 25 random things you don't know about me:

1. I have a wonky finger caused by getting it jammed in a door when I was a toddler.

2.  I studied architecture at university and finished my Master in 2009

3. I love observing buildings and looking for hidden features that are easily forgotten.

4. I don't really like cheese but open an exception for pizzas, Limiano cheese (a "Flamengo" type of cheese that doesn't have much taste) and for Portuguese fresh cheese (similar to mozzarella but lighter... and again quite weak in taste)

5. I don't drink coffee and can't...

Posted by in on Aug 28, 2014 .

Each year you get to spend with the person you love is a special one and although every day should be treasured equally it is natural that on the day that marks your wedding anniversary you like to show them your affection in a caring way. You'll probably go out for a nice meal and maybe even get them a little gift.

The tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries dates back from Roman Times but it has been in the last two centuries that these started to be commonly celebrated for the 1st, 5th and every five years until the Silver anniversary celebrated after 25 years of marriage, longer than that couples would celebrate their 50th...

Posted by in on Aug 14, 2014 .

I've been all year looking forward to August, because not only a good friend was going to get married but actually there was going to be two good friends having their wedding parties a week apart from each other.

Knowing them so well I felt honoured to offer my services, and even more when they said yes! For one I got to work on the wedding invites while the other had her bouquet done. None went for a traditional wedding as you can expect and both gave me immense pleasure to do.

For the invites I knew I wanted something that represented my friend, the bride, as unfortunately due to the distance I haven't had the chance to meet the...

Posted by in on Jul 31, 2014 .

If you need a break from everyday life you need to enter this competition hosted by Atelier Tammam on twitter where you can win an amazing selection of goodies in the #tammamgoodybag including one of these:

Also included are goodies from Lace and Purls, TeaPigs, Purelosophy and much more... Check them all out in this pinterest board

Lucy created Atelier Tammam to provide an ethical approach to designer clothes and she has the most amazing wedding dresses too. Her motto is “Saving the world – in style” and it's an honour to be collaborating with her in this project.

I'm also very pleased to say that from September...

Posted by in on Jul 17, 2014 .

Often I get asked "How do you find your inspiration?"  well...believe it or not usually it's in the things around me. Either it is the colours of the sky or some flowers in the park, sometimes even kids playing outside give me an idea. The reality is that not only good things give me inspiration, sometimes bad experiences do it too.

Anyone who knows me for a while will know that I'm a night owl, the serious kind, the kind that goes to sleep so late that could almost be confused by an early bird. Why am I telling you this? To give you some background to this story. The other night I was working away sat on my sofa when I caught...

Posted by in on Jul 03, 2014 .

Hello there!!

One of the emails I get often is from the bride who wants to know how can she get the origami bouquet of her dreams. So that made me realise that this is something you should be able to find easily once you visit the website. So here it is! When you finish reading you'll know exactly what you need to do to be holding that amazing origami bouquet on your wedding day.

What will you get:

- Bespoke Service. All that I do is personalised for you, and you have a few options. You can choose from one of the about 10 models available or you can just tell me which flowers you like and I'll create your origami paper bouquet.

Posted by in on Jun 19, 2014 .

Last month I got involved in the preparation of an unusual themed photo shoot. I met Lisa Gigante, a photographer based in Southampton, while she was organising a steampunk styled shoot. Straight away  I knew I wanted to get involved and after arranging how everything was going to work I started designing a few bouquets and buttonholes to suit the theme.  I chose to adapt one of my existing bouquets and buttonholes by adding some charms, cogs and chains so I search online and these watch parts caught my eye.

As you can imagine most of these are actually quite small but they were so in line with the theme that I couldn't go without...