Brief history of Valentine's day

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With January coming to an end, Valentine's day is fast approaching. So I wonder, do you celebrate it? Or do you think it's just one of those dates created by a consumerist society and you actually refuse to take part in it?

First things first... do you even know how St. Valentine's day started?

I did some research to give you the answer and although the day is still surrounded by some mystery here are some facts.

 Since the beginning of time, February has been associated with romance and the modern Valentine's day contains Pagan, Ancient Roman and Christian traditions.

Some say that the patron is Valentine, a priest killed by Emperor Cladius II, for performing marriages against the law all because the emperor believed that single men were better warriors therefore forbidding young lovers to wed. While others defend the patron is actually a different Valentine, a man who helped Christians escape Roman prisons where they were tortured and ended up being killed by the Emperor. Either way there are indeed records that at least two Valentines died as martyrs around 200-300 A.D.

The date also has strong pagan routes. Before being forbidden and replaced by Valentine's Day in the 5th century by Pope Gelasius there was a fertility festival, Lupercalia,  celebrated on the 15th of February in honour of Roman gods. It was believed that those participating would be blessed in the upcoming year and therefore more fertile.

It took over 10 centuries for Valentine's Day to become so associated with love. The first known Valentine's poem was written in 1415 so as you can see the tradition is definitely not a new thing. From the 17th century Valentine's day has become increasingly popular and that tradition has been kept and enhanced until nowadays.

So if you're looking to display your affection this Valentine's day with a gift there are a few pieces perfect for you.

If you're buying for the woman in your life this hearts necklace will be perfect.

paper origami red hearts necklace

Alternatively you can put a flower ring on her finger, and no, I'm not suggesting for you to propose, I'll leave that for another time ;)

paper origami pink and blue flower ring

If however you prefer to give her flowers, this year make them last with one of our bouquets. Choose your (or hers) favourite colours and wait for the WOW she'll give you!

paper origami lily and tulips bouquet pink and musical

Just remember that it's also important to show your other half that you love them on a daily basis. Often with small (inexpensive) gestures such as a cuddle, a cup of tea, or just a message you can do it more effectively than putting it all in just one day.


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