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Posted by in on Jul 20, 2017 .

A few weeks ago I got a phone call from Libby from The Wedding Secret who wanted to share my work with her readers, I naturally said yes and you can read what she wrote here:

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Mother's day, since you were a little kid that you've learned the importance of making mum happy on this day. She may not need a lot and although we no longer do as traditionally was done, when families would reunite, get the day off for the visit and flowers were mandatory, flowers will always be a safe bet with most mums.

So why not give your mother a flower that will stand the test of time, or something even more spectacular, a bouquet!


You can choose a rose or a bouquet hand folded from books; perfect if she is a book worm! Or make this gift even more special to give by using the pages of her most favourite book, so...

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The nation's favourite day of love is soon approaching! A day of the year where people exchange cards, and gifts in celebration of their love for each other. The day of romance we call Valentine's Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia. If you want to find out all about Valentine's Day history check this post.


So if you feel like you want to give your valentine something that will be loved a lot longer than a bunch of fresh flowers or box of chocolates, then here, at The Origami Boutique, you'll find the perfect gifts to make your special someone say...

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Happy new year! I hope you all had a very fun & relaxing festive time of year and are feeling inspired by your new year's resolutions!

At this time of the year it is only natural to look back to all that happened in the past 12 months and can I just say, WOW what 12 months they've been.

It started with me folding over 2000 pieces for a Wedding in France, followed by a busy Valentine's day and a challenging but amazing opportunity to produce 40 centre pieces for an event in March, then when summer came business went absolutely insane and many days I didn't sleep more than 4h to ensure all lovely couples would get their anniversary...

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Coming soon

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With Christmas just a few weeks away , I decided to save you some time and create this easy gift guide. My goal is to help you find the perfect The Origami Boutique piece for all the special ladies in your life (I have more than one...all special in their own way) but fear not... I've also include a piece or two for the men that really matter to you.

No need to feel overwhelmed by choice. Just scroll down and unveil the perfect handmade gift for each and every one of them.

Your Sister

The statement ring is perfect for her to show off her exuberant personality.


Your Mum

Mums are ultra special so they...

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Wedding proposal, a day to remember 


One of the most exciting days in the life of a bride to be is the moment she hears the: "Will you marry me?"


Maybe marriage has been in the cards for a long time and it comes with no surprise, maybe it has even been discussed and you, as the soon groom to be, aren't even thinking of a grand act. However if you're reading this it is very likely that you want to surprise the woman of your dreams and make it an occasion to remember and one that she'll be sharing with pride for many years to come! 


I'm not here to suggest how to do it because how to really surprise your girlfriend...

Posted by in on Oct 09, 2014 .

This month is going to be a busy one with plenty of wedding fairs to attend to. Perfect if you got engaged over the summer months or if you are approaching the final stages of preparation to your winter or spring wedding.

I'm really excited to be going back to two Vintage events and can't wait for my first time with Chosen Fairs, so whatever your style if you're not a traditional bride you're going to love these wedding fairs.

Whenever I do a live event I love giving something for the brides and grooms who take the effort of showing up on the day. It can be a competition or simply a free goodie to take home. Whatever it is you have...