Book Pages Origami Mix Flowers Wedding Bouquet

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For the book lover this bouquet will bring their passion to their wedding day.

Choose your favourite pages from your favourite books (subject to availability) and see them blossom into beautiful flowers full of meaning to you and your partner. Let the Mr Darcy walk you down the aisle while Christian Grey caresses your hand or if you prefer let Harry Potter do his magic on your way to the love of your life. Whatever book you choose just make sure you don't get distracted reading it.

With over 25 stems this books bouquet measures about 20 cm in diameter with the handle measuring approximatelly 15 cm long.

If books are not for you there are over 180 plain colours available, and the option to source the perfect patterned paper so whatever is your dream bouquet I can help you achieve it. I'm always happy to discuss your special requirements.

All bouquets are made to order. You'll receive paper samples to help you achieve the perfect match to your colour scheme once we had our first discussion of your requirements.

Buying bouquets for all the bridal party? Contact me for a special price.


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