Blue & Red Mix Flowers Wedding Bouquet

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Bride holding bouquet photo by Peter Buncombe


It's your wedding day your dress is looking gorgeous on you and naturally you feel excited about the wonderful day ahead, you're all ready to walk down the aisle and in your hand the most unique and different bouquet your guests have ever seen.

This is what you'll get with this mix flowers bouquet. The Blue & Red Mix Flowers Wedding Bouquet is a mixture of lilies, tulips, twist roses and kusudama flowers. The flowers are complemented with small embellishments adding an extra touch of colour to the arrangement.

In the words of a bride " My bouquet got lots of attention on the day.  Everyone thought it was fabulous." so it will surely make your day even more special.

It's quirkiness allied with its lightness and comfortable handle will make you forget you're even holding it. Guaranteed to be allergy proof, with the added advantage of being made in advance so you won't have to chase the florist on the morning of your wedding will help you enjoy your wedding day to the most. Furthermore after you'll be able to keep with no fuss and use it as a centre piece in your home giving you a nice reminder of the beautiful day you just had.

The Blue & Red Mix Flowers Wedding Bouquet measures about 20cm in diameter with the handle measuring approximately 20cm long.

With over 150 plain colours available, and the option to source the perfect patterned paper whatever is your dream bouquet I can help you achieve it. I'm always happy to discuss your special requirements.

All bouquets are made to order. You'll receive paper samples to help you achieve the perfect match to your colour scheme once we had our first discussion of your requirements.

Buying bouquets for all the bridal party? Contact me for a special price.

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