Silver and Red Origami Bouquet

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It's your Wedding day and your about to marry the love of your life. Your dress is stunning, you look gorgeous and your bouquet is the most beautiful and unique your guests have ever seen.

This Silver and Red Origami Bouquet will make your special day even more special, with it's lightness and confortable handle, guaranteed to be allergy proof, with the added advantage of being made in advance so you won't have to chase the florist on the morning of your wedding. Furthermore after your wedding day you'll be able to keep with with no fuss and use it as a center piece in your home giving you a nice reminder of the beautiful day you just had.

With 35/40 stems it measures about 30cm in diameter with the handle measuring approximatelly 15cm long.

All flowers are doubled to create a fuller look, however if you're looking for something simpler or more elaborate I'm always happy to discuss your special requirements.

Available in a range of colours to suit your theme.

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