Silver origami fish earrings

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In origami, the fish – or Sakana – is seen as a symbol of happiness, good health and wellbeing. With its ability to roam the ocean as it pleases, the fish is also associated with freedom.

One Japanese legend tells the story of a carp that swam up a huge, powerful waterfall, leaping into the sky to become a dragon. Because of this legend, the fish is also a symbol of strength, perseverance and the determination it takes to swim against the tide.

These silver origami fish earrings elegantly combine a modern, geometric feel with a quirky, fun design. The silver is beautifully offset by a vibrant blue Swarovski crystal.

Made from fine silver, eachfish is just 1.2cm (0.5”) high and 1.2cm (0.5”) wide. The full earring length is approximately 3.5cm (1.3”).

As each item is handmade, I am happy to use a different colour crystal in the design, so that your pendant perfectly reflects your individual style (please email me for details).

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